Yogurt Olive Oil Cake Recipe

Yogurt Olive Oil Cake Recipe

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This fluffy Yogurt Olive Oil Cake is topped with a cloud of sweetened whipped cream and a pile fresh raspberries. I am not sure when “moist” became a negative word – but if it is wrong, then I don’t want to be right. This cake is just so perfectly, well – Moist! The olive oil and yogurt keep it exceptionally tender and perfect for snacking throughout these last days of summer.

Simple baking is a source of comfort during these complicated times. And single-layer snack cakes like this serves us so well when we want something sweet but don’t need to feed a crowd. I’ve fallen in love with counter cakes and coffee cakes lately, and this one is especially light and perfect for warm, lazy summer days.

The base of this Yogurt Olive Oil Cakes comes from my cookbook Layered. In the book, it is a two-layer cake and paired with lavender-infused whipped cream. For this version, I cut the recipe to fit a single-layer cake, swapped in some yogurt for lightness, and pilled it high with sweetened whipped cream and the last of the summer raspberries.

Whipping the cream until it holds just medium-soft peaks keeps it fluffy and cloud-like. Since we don’t have to worry about layering the cakes, stability isn’t an issue. Using olive oil in a cake that needs to refrigerated between servings (like one with cream), means that the cake will stay soft and moist even after being chilled.

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