Top 10 Stand Mixers of 2021

Welcome to TPCLtd’s Top 10 Stand Mixers of 2021

A top of the range stand mixer can almost be a baking assistant in itself.  Although you can do tasks by hand or with the help of a hand mixer, the stress is eradicated when it comes to kneading dough and mixing batter.  Whether you’re a seasoned baker who’s looking to take their recipes to the next level or a newbie who’s looking to start making sweet summer delights, there’s a stand mixer out there that’s just right for you.

There’s no need to search elsewhere, here at TPCLtd we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 stand mixers on the market.  These stand mixers are a mixture of high-end kitchen machines and reliable affordable mixers, so no matter your budget, there’s a stand machine here that’s perfect for you.

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Without further ado, let’s get started with the TPCLtd Top 10 Stand Mixers of 2021!

Top 10 Stand Mixers of 2021

1. kMix Pastels

Kenwood kMix Pastel Pink

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Kenwood kMix Pastel Pink

Fresh in at No.1 for the last quarter of 2021 is the Kenwood kMix in Pastel Pink.  Hitting the shelves late in the summer this year, this mixer has proven to be a hot favourite.  The Pastel Pink kMix has just edged ahead of it’s partner here at TPCLtd the Kenwood kMix Pastel Blue

Kenwood kMix’s have been around for years, but this years fresh take with the kMix Pastel Editions Collection appears to have hit the spot.

From Kenwood: “The Edition’s range from kMix adds something special to your kitchen, whether you are looking for timeless opulence or you simply want to add a splash of colour, the Editions range has all of the style of kMix, with the trusted performance you’ve come to expect from Kenwood.

Customise your kMixIt’s a juicer, a pasta roller, a spiralizer, a grater and so much more. A host of available attachments can be run from kMix’s slow speed hub making it so much more than a good looking mixer.”


  • 5L Stainless Steel bowl capacity
  • Speed settings: Variable + Pulse
  • Total planetary mixing action
  • Splash guard
  • 3x Coated aluminium bowl tools: Flat K beater, Whisk and Dough hook
  • 1000W

2. Chef Baker

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Kenwood Titanium Chef Baker KVC65.001

No.2 on the list of Top 10 Stand Mixers of 2021 is a new take on an old favourite, the Kenwood Titanium Chef Baker – The Chef that weighs.  Kenwood mixers are some of the most established and reliable machines on the market and this one is no different.  There is nothing pretentious about this model, it is just a great quality machine that’s designed to make light work of food preparation.  This machine is a handy assistant for making a whole assortment of baked goods from cookies, to cream and bread or dough for homemade pizzas.

The three coated aluminium bowl tools have a non-stick coating, which means no additional equipment needed to scrape the excess ingredients off the tools. With any great stand mixer, you want to get the most out of all the ingredients that you use, that’s why the planetary mixing action is a great addition as it keeps all of the mixture in the bowl. With over 25 additional attachments available, there is an endless list of recipes that you can create.

The Kenwood Titanium Chef baker has a unique LightLift head which makes easy work of adding ingredients to your mix


  • 5L Stainless Steel bowl capacity
  • Electronic Scales
  • Speed settings: Variable + Pulse
  • Total planetary mixing action
  • Splash guard
  • 3x Coated aluminium bowl tools: Flat K beater, Whisk and Dough hook
  • 1200W
  • 25 attachments available

3. KitchenAid Artisan

KitchenAid Artisan Ice Blue Life 1

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KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer

Dropping to Number 3 in the last quarter of 2021 after holding the top spot for 2 consecutive years @ TPCLtd’s Top 10 Stand Mixers is the KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer (Our favourite Colour is Ice Blue). With its stylish make-up, it’s bound to complement the aesthetics of any kitchen. Being a strapping and robust model, it allows the motor to bring a wealth of power to the accessories and attachments. Accompanying this model is a 4.8L Stainless Steel Bowl, which allows you to process up to 12 egg whites and 1kg of flour, saving you time on your baking endeavours.

Another stand out feature, is the dual-purpose clear pouring shield, allowing users to pour in ingredients whilst the machine is mixing and diminishes the chances of flour escaping. The flex edge beater, is a feature that you don’t find in most stand mixers, the beater goes clockwise as it scrapes the inside of the bowl whilst the shaft goes anti-clockwise thus eliminating the need to scrape the excess ingredients with a spatula. This appliance is built to last, so no need to worry about getting another mixer anytime soon.


  • 4.8L Stainless Steel Bowl
  • Pouring Shield
  • Dough hook, Wire whisk, Flat beater
  • Flex-edge beater
  • Speed levels: 10
  • 300W

4. MisterChef® Pro

MisterChef Professional Electric Stand Mixer 2

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MisterChef® Pro Stand Mixer

4th Place in our Top 10 Stand Mixers of 2021 is one of our bestselling and highest rated machines, the MisterChef® Pro Stand Mixer.  At such an affordable price, the MisterChef Pro Stand Mixer has plenty of room for your ingredients with its 5.5L Stainless Steel bowl.  This machine is capable of taking on a whole number of baking tasks which are made easier with the the beater, dough hook and Stainless-Steel whisk. Don’t worry yourself about sticky ingredients clambering on to your equipment, the attachments are dishwasher safe and can be as clean as new in no time at all.

With a sleek and compact design, this model is built to last and will look great in your kitchen.  With a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty, you can bake up a storm to your heart’s content.


  • 5.5L Stainless Steel Bowl
  • Egg beater, Dough hook + Stainless Steel Whisk
  • Splashguard
  • 1400
  • 2-year warranty


Kenwood Prospero Plus Stand Mixer

Another one of Kenwood’s products to feature in this list, the Kenwood Prospero Plus Stand Mixer has a compact footprint and ergonomic shape which allows it to be space efficient. Selling at a very affordable price, this stand mixer is a great purchase for any new bakers looking to make some wholesome treats. It has a generous 4.3L Stainless Steel Bowl and a 1000W motor, giving you the tools to prepare a whole host of foods.

Even at its cheaper price, this machine shares attributes with some of the top mixers out there. The planetary mixing action makes sure everything is mixed together properly and there are no unstirred pockets. The model is accompanied by the usual attachments of a K beater, Balloon whisk and dough hook, assisting you in optimising your food preparation. It also comes with a splash guard, so no need to worry about the mixture decorating your kitchen.


  • 4.3L Stainless Steel Bowl
  • K beater, Balloon whisk and Dough hook
  • Splash guard
  • Interlocked outlets
  • 1000W
  • Speed: Variable + Pulse

6. Daewoo

Daewoo 6 Speed 1200W Stand Mixer 5

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Daewoo Stand Mixer

Bouncing up the chart to No.6 in TPCLtd’s Top 10 Stand Mixers of 2021 is the Daewoo Stand Mixer.  If you’re new to baking and want to create an array of baked goods, but are resistant to the expensive prices of the average stand mixer that’s on the market, well then this is the perfect stand mixer for you.  In at No.10 for the early part of the year, the Daewoo Stand Mixer is one of the most capable machines for its affordable price, coming with a very generous 5L bowl, you will be able to mix, knead and whip up a plethora of food. This model has a very robust motor for its price, enabling you to tackle harder mixes.

The machine comes with the dependable 3 attachments of a whisk, dough hook and flat beater as well as a splash guard for keeping all the ingredients in the bowl.  This machine has silicone non slip feet, keeping it firmly in place on any kitchen counter.


  • 5L Stainless Steel bowl
  • 1200W
  • Whisk head, dough hook and flat beater
  • Splash guard
  • Silicone non slip feet

7. Carrera №657

Carrera Stand Mixer No657 2

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Carrera Stand Mixer №657

The Carrera Stand Mixer has one of the most powerful motors in its class, teamed with a high-quality planetary drive. With its 800 watts and 8 speed settings, it easily mix up to 1.5 kg of thick dough.  Make batter without the splatter! The splash guard means you can add ingredients as it stirs. The mixing bowl rinses easily, while the beater and dough hooks are coated in high quality non-stick Teflon for effortless washing.

Coming in @ No.7 in TPCLtd’s Top 10 Stand Mixers of 2021, this beautifully designed machine is perfectly suited to a more stylish and modern kitchen.


  • 5L Stainless steel mixing bowl
  • 800W
  • 8 Speed Settings
  • Dough Hook, Flat Stirrer and Balloon Whisk
  • Digital Control & Splash Guard

8. Cuisinart Precision

Cuisinart Precision Stand Mixer 3

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Cuisinart Precision Stand Mixer

This is the Jack of all trades as a mixer with the power, precision and capacity to take on all challenges.  The machine has an easy-to-use control dial which allows you to turn the machine on/off and seamlessly switch between 12 speed settings, giving you full control and negating the potential for the mixture spraying out of the bowl when starting your mixing.

Another great feature of this Cuisinart model is the fixed tilted head element, where you are able to lower and raise the head to allow removal of attachments without it abruptly falling.  If you wanted to expand your horizons by trying out new exciting recipes, this Cuisinart model has a power outlet for additional attachments such as a meat grinder or pasta maker.  With all the added control elements and specifications, it will give you the right tools to try new and exciting recipes without fear.


  • 5.2 L capacity Stainless Steel bowl
  • 500W
  • 12 Speed Settings
  • A power outlet
  • Chef’s whisk dough hook, flat mixing paddle and splashguard with pour spout

9. Mixstar

MixStar Compact Stand Mixer 10

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Morphy Richards Mixstar Compact Stand Mixer

Unlike the traditional bulky stand mixer, this Morphy Richards product doesn’t give people a headache when using, it’s compact design and easy to use features makes baking, cooking and mixing fun. If you are one of those people who forget where you have placed utensils, you won’t have to look anymore, as this particular design comes with a storage caddy that fits within the bowl.  But don’t let the small design deceive you, this mixer comes with a 4L bowl capacity, enabling you to make a variety of goods.

This model also backs a punch with a 650w motor and provides you with 6 speed settings to choose from, limiting the potential for the mixtures spraying out the bowl, you can gradually build the speed up to the pace you want.  Not to worry if you do ramp up the speed, there is a splash guard that is provided to put your mind at ease. Normal everyday mixers depend on one attachment and a few revolutions to mix the contents of the bowl but luckily this stand mixer has a dual counter-rotating mixing actions, spinning on their own axis ensuring that the mix is up to scratch.

  • 650W
  • 4L capacity bowl
  • 6 speed settings 
  • No of attachments: 6
  • Jug material: Stainless Steel
  • Blade Material: Stainless Steel
  • Attachments: Dough hook, Beaters, Whisk, built-in dual scraper, Storage caddy, Mixing bowl

10. Cooking Chef

Kenwood Cooking Chef Connect 5

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Kenwood Cooking Chef Connect KCL95.424SI

Dropping several places towards the end of the year, this extraordinary machine from Kenwood is the perfect companion for the serious baker.  With all the functions that you’d expect from a top-quality stand mixer, Kenwood’s Cooking Chef Connect has an integral induction ‘hob’ that offers the ability to cook your meal as it mixes the ingredients – saving you oodles of time and saving on washing up too.  With a cooking temperature that’s adjustable from 20° to 180°C, it can go from softening butter for a cake mix, to steaming a lobster tail for a slap-up supper.   If you can afford one, this machine really is incredible.


  • 7L Stainless Steel Bowl
  • Steamer attachment – fits neatly on top of your mixing bowl.
  • Connected recipe app – Packed with step by step recipes.
  • Speed levels: 13
  • 2000W

11. Aucma

Aucma Black Stand Mixer 7

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Aucma Stand Mixer

Relegated off the scale this year was one of the most popular mixers of 2020, this Aucma Stand Mixer comes with a large 6.2L Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl.   The large bowl size, powerful 1400W motor and reasonable price are just some of the reasons this mixer is so incredibly popular.  Great for mixing up larger recipes and ideal for families.


  • 6.2L Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl
  • Beater, Balloon whisk and Dough hook
  • Splash guar
  • 1400W
  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

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