Nutri-Q Blender with Grinder - White

Nutri-Q Blender : Our 1st Return

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Nutri-Q Blender with Grinder - White

Nutri-Q Blender

Being a relatively new company,  we’ve only recently started selling our own range of products.  One of the most popular products we sell directly is the Nutri-Q Blender.   Cheap & cheerful, it does the same job as many similar products from much better known (much more expensive) brands.

Our 1st Return

This morning my very friendly postman knocked on my front window and handed through a large package.  It was our very first (of hopefully not many to come – my kitchen isn’t big enough 😂) returned product.

After a very brief conversation the other day with our customer, all I could offer was the possibly less than helpful: “Have you checked the fuse”, which of course they had.  Having never previously owned or used one myself that was the best I could come up with.

Once we’d arranged the return, I initiated a full refund – Including return postage costs.  Other than the initial embarrassment – I absolutely hate the thought of wasting anyone’s time with a product that doesn’t work…  From a technical point of view I was incredibly relieved my 1st refund went so smoothly.  Prior to this one, my only experience was refunding myself on a dummy order I placed back in April when I 1st built the website.

Within minutes of putting the refund through, I got a really lovely email from the customer:

“Hi David,
Thank you so much for such prompt attention and a very speedy refund.
Such excellent customer service goes a long way in my view, so I’ll leave you a good review.”

My Inquisitive Nature

My own inquisitive nature got the better of me.  With a pre-covid background in Theatre Lighting, I spent the early years of my career fault-finding and fixing much more complicated electronics than I was likely to find on the inside of a simple blender.

So rather than send it directly back to the manufacturer for my own refund, I decided to open it up & have a look.

Following the advice I used to most often dish out to work subordinates and colleagues in Theatre – “RTFM” (Put politely – Read The Manual) – Which tended to resolve 99% of issues… The 1st thing I did was read the manual.

In this case, that didn’t help.  It still didn’t work.

Not in the Manual

As I was literally on the verge of getting my screw driver out and taking the blender to bits, I noticed an odd spring inside the handle of the jug.  Upon further inspection I realised the lid of the jug activated the spring in the handle which activated the safety interlock in the base of the machine.  While the manual does mention putting the lid on, there’s no mention anywhere of its connection to the safety interlock in the base.  Had I not been a lot more inquisitive, I too would have assumed the machine just didn’t work.

Nutri-Q Blender Operation

Proud New Owner

So now i’m the proud new owner of a perfectly good, fully functional Nutri-Q Blender…   Rather than making the usual Bubble & Squeak from yesterday’s Sunday roast leftovers.  I made a rather delicious soup for lunch using my new blender.

My Nutri-Q Blender

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